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The times we live in

The times we live in

 In today’s society it has become second nature to play the blame game, however, be wary that while you are passing off blame for your minor faux pas, someone else could be doing the same to you! Social Media allows an explanation mark to be placed on the blame and let’s be honesty misery loves company.  It is human nature to place blame on another party when an unexpected problem or inconvenience takes place, however, wouldn’t it be so refreshing to change this narrative.  As property managers we often take the brunt of all that is wrong in the world. I confess this is a bit of an exaggeration however we cannot be responsible for the actions of others.  We should always be committed to a positive resolution and have a “fix it” mindset.  Always keeping in mind extreme behaviors are not about you.  No matter what your industry, there will always be certain occurrences that you cannot predict. However, by utilizing a few simple safeguards you can protect yourself and your clients from an overabundance of problems and blame.

One of the easiest and most important ways to protect yourself, your management team, and your clients is to get everything in writing.  When setting up any contractual agreement with a client be sure to cover all your bases.  Once you start letting certain agreements go through by verbal confirmation only you are opening the floodgates to future problems.  This is a situation where you are always better safe than sorry! 

The blame game is one of the biggest real estate career killers. When the going gets tough, it is easy to blame people, everyone needs a scapegoat. The blame game can cause you to withdraw at a time when being engaged is crucial.  If you have made a mistake own it and try your best to fix it.  Clients can sometimes become aggressive when a mistake has been revealed, do not retaliate.  Keep your power.  You are often not going to change their outlook, counterattack with positivity.  Remember it is not about you.  Distance yourself and always be honest. Always remember everyone is deserving of grace, this may not salvage your relationship or your client, but it will salvage your peace. 

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